Source code for geotorch.reals

from torch import nn
from .utils import _extra_repr
from .exceptions import InManifoldError

[docs]class Rn(nn.Module): def __init__(self, size): r""" Vector space of unconstrained vectors. Args: size (torch.size): Size of the tensor to be parametrized """ super().__init__() self.n = size[-1] self.tensorial_size = size[:-1] def forward(self, X): return X def right_inverse(self, X, check_in_manifold=True): if check_in_manifold and not self.in_manifold(X): raise InManifoldError(X, self) return X
[docs] def in_manifold(self, X): return X.size() == self.tensorial_size + (self.n,)
def extra_repr(self): return _extra_repr(n=self.n, tensorial_size=self.tensorial_size)