Source code for geotorch.pssd

from .pssdlowrank import PSSDLowRank
from .exceptions import VectorError, NonSquareError
from .utils import _extra_repr

[docs]class PSSD(PSSDLowRank): def __init__(self, size, triv="expm"): r""" Manifold of symmetric positive semidefinite matrices Args: size (torch.size): Size of the tensor to be parametrized triv (str or callable): Optional. A map that maps skew-symmetric matrices onto the orthogonal matrices matrices surjectively. This is used to optimize the :math:`Q` in the eigenvalue decomposition. It can be one of ``["expm", "cayley"]`` or a custom callable. Default: ``"expm"`` """ super().__init__(size, PSSD.rank(size), triv) @classmethod def rank(cls, size): if len(size) < 2: raise VectorError(cls.__name__, size) n, k = size[-2:] if n != k: raise NonSquareError(cls.__name__, size) return n def extra_repr(self): return _extra_repr(n=self.n, tensorial_size=self.tensorial_size)